Ultra High Frequency UHF Antennas and its Types

One of the most unsurpassed and a dexterous invention that has ever taken place so far is the outset of TV antenna system. This “equipment” facilitated the viewers with clear picture image along digital sound effects. Antennas have added a new meaning to the television watching for the viewers.

An Ultra High Frequency antenna, also known as UHF antenna that comes in different shapes and sizes, integrated with electronic equipment with the capacity to receive or transmit airwaves ranging between 300 megahertz (MHz) and three gigahertz (GHz).This type of aerial do come in different shapes and sizes but they all fall under different categories like quarter wave, half wave dipole, folded dipole, loop, and Yagi antennas.

  • Quarter wave UHF antennas: Commonly known as “whip” antennas. Generally, one of the simplest types of aerial. These types of aerials are elastic metal rods connected to a single conductor, akin to the one generally seen on cars.
  • Half wave dipole UHF aerial:Known as most efficient aerials. Mostly consists of two metal rods extended horizontally straight with other end near to the first one.
  • Folded dipole UHF TV aerial: These are circular loop type antennas which are quiet cost-effective.
  • Loop antenna: Often called as “stick antennas”. Basically, they are used for internal applications.
  • Yagi antennas: These types of aerials considered to be most efficient, as they work very well in the areas where UHF signals are very weak. .

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