TV Antenna Installation and Related Safety Measures

The remitting of the restrictions on the installation, safeguarding and use of the TV antennas so as to capture the video programming signals has led to many people receiving free television programming by installing television antennas. Frankly speaking, the installation of a TV antenna can not only be unsafe when not done in a right manner, but can also mean missing out on most favourable television reception.

Some of the useful tips how to Identify Installation Location:

1. Try to do little inspection about your area so to identify a location to hook up your television antenna. Make sure that opt out for a place where there are no impediments like tall buildings so that you have clear sight of the broadcasting towers.

2. Always make sure that area you are choosing should be an elevated, level spot so as to reduce the risk of falling off the roof. Basically, typical mounting places that includes the side of the dwelling where the roof peaks, and on top of buildings, residential apartments and commercial complexes.

3. Choose the place where there is no hazards i.e. Electricity power lines. You have to consider safety as first and the foremost criteria while choosing the spot to hook up your antenna.

4. Next important thing is to identify the installation spot – try to pick up the best possible spot for hooking up your antenna and after that plug in the coaxial cable to a portable color television and watch the television for signal strength.

5. Try to plug the other end of the coaxial cable into the antenna.

6. After plugging in the coaxial cable just hold on your antenna and try to move it up and down until you are able to identify the spot from where it can capture strong television signals. Your television set will not display color provided if there is weak or no television signal.

7. Connect the aerial to your television set and get ready to enjoy the free over-the-air programming you’re your family members.

8. We will recommend you to prior consult your television antenna manual and television set manual for any clarifications.

Important Tips & Warnings

If your television set does not have a digital tuner, then you may have to purchase a digital converter to receive signals on your antenna set up. You can find them in almost every electronic store.




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