Are you confused whether to get indoor or outdoor antenna installed for your new television system?

Ideally speaking, outdoor antenna is preferred more in comparison to the indoor antenna these days.Usually the performance level of the indoor antenna is actually affected by lot many factors, such as your home wall insulation, plumbing, electrical wiring, roofing material and even due to the movement of the people around a room.

Outdoor aerial gives the user one of the best opportunities to receive crystal clear TV signals, provided it’s been positioned well at place without many blockades like trees, tall buildings and walls. Traditionally outdoor aerials are mounted high on rooftop and can capture the strong signal as transmitted by nearby broadcasting station.You can also get your aerials mounted onto the sides of your house, deck, or on the pole, provided if you don’t have roof tops.

That is why they are considered to endow the user with distinct advantage over indoor and attic aerials. There are many types of outdoor antennas in different designs and usually capable of receiving both VHF (Very High Frequencies) and UHF (Ultra High Frequencies).

Some of the advantages are:

  • Have better sight of the transmitter.
  • Captures better signal quality.
  • Operate at higher frequencies as well.

At ANTENNA INSTALLATION TODAY, all of our outdoor antenna are designed in such manner that they not only provide excellent picture quality, but also can withstand adverse environmental conditions. They all come with a Lifetime Warranty. We use completely high-tech and modern testing equipments to install your outdoor antenna.

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