Unveiling the future prospects of Digital TV

With the exponential advancement in the digital technology, DTV has entered the realm of the occult with conspicuous success. DTV is one of the superior formats of television which has come up in the niche marketplace. It delivers the best picture quality with superb digital sound effects, which is capable of using the broadcast spectrum more resourcefully, thereby adding the pinch of versatility to the range of applications.

DTV basically exemplifies the new technological infrastructure of the transmission television, as well as of new economic and competitive exemplar. This new broadcast technology has actually invited an extensive re-evaluation of conventional programming practices, competitive schemes, and regulatory prerequisites, such as the public interest obligations (broadcasting that serves the public interest, convenience and necessity) which has always been measured as primary factor to broadcast television in this country.

In order to comprehend the new framework of officially permitted and technical standards completely that led to the development of DTV and thus the relative business models and most apt public interest standards — it is utmost important to acquire the complete knowledge in relation to the evolution of DTV over the past 11 years.

Through this section we would like to throw some light on the statutory and regulatory standards that actually govern digital television, blockades that may weigh down accomplishment of the latest technology, and unsettled policy issues that entail required action by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Government.

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