FAQ- About Antenna Related Issues

1. Who is Antenna Installation Today

Antenna Installation Today is a Melbourne based company with more than 40 years of combined experience in the installation and repair of digital and analogue aerial systems for residential and commercial purposes. We feel proud that we are highly competent and veteran in what we do. We employ the latest tools and techniques so as to take due care of your new tv aerial installation, antenna repairs and reception related issues.

2. What all we specialize in?

We hold expertise in not only in fixing, but also in the installation of different range of aerial systems both for residential and commercial applications. We can assist you in all your digital TV aerial related issues, including resolving reception issues, antena repairs, digital TV antena installation, set top boxes, extra television points, UHF/VHF ariels, Television aerial masts, coaxial cabling, signal boosters, amplifiers and splitters. Almost anything related to the digital antenna system. We also have a team of highly skilled and qualified local electricians who can help in all your electrical requirements.

3. Which areas we provide services?

We provide antenna servicesthroughout Melbourne, melbourne and suburbs.

4.What is the Digital Switchover?

The Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy is working in the close association of the Australian Government for the management of the analogue to digital television switchover. Within a time period of a year or two the analogue television transmission will be gradually switched off, and afterwards only DTV transmission will be there. For further information about the digital switchover you can visit www.digitalready.gov.au.

5.Will I have to invest any amount to get DTV?

No, not at all! All of the free-to-air digital channels will be available for free through digital transmission.

6.What are the benefits of Digital TV?

Digital Television is very much in demand as it offers a varied number of benefits, including better picture quality with digital sound effects and reception. It also capable of delivering a broad range of other advanced features, such as widescreen, more channels and high definition. It will enable you with direct access to the television programme information via an ‘Electronic Program Guide (EPG). Digital TV will also enable you to view some of the television programmes with multiple camera view and interactive services such as internet content, shopping, games and more.

7. What is the difference between an analog and a digital signal?

Prior the advent of the DTV transition the standard analog television signals used to be transmitted in a manner similar to that of radio. Moreover, the assigned bandwidth of an analogue TV channel is mostly led to restricted resolution and overall quality of the image. On the other hand, unlike analogue TV signals, digital TV signals has been designed in such a manner that it is capable enough to endow you with various other factors of the television signals like B/W, color, and audio and can be transmitted through interlaced scanning with the sampling latticework or lines scanned in linear sequence. As a result, there is greater uprightness and litheness of signal content.

8. What is picture ghosting?

In television, a picture ghost is a reproduction of the transmitted image, counterbalanced in position, which is overlapping on top of the main image on an analogue broadcast.

9. What Do I Need for DTV Picture Reception Over-The-Air?

You would either have to get a television set with a digital tuner or have to get a convertor box connected to your analogue television set in order to convert analogue signals into digital ones. In either of the aforesaid case, you will need to get a right antena connected to your television set or to the converter box either to an outdoor antenna or an indoor antenna for VHF or UHF reception.

10. Which television ariels will work the best in my area?

This will completely depend upon the fact that whether you are residing in a UHF/VHF area or a UHF only area. Generally speaking, your signal strength usually gets affected by the distance between you and the transmitting station, as well as the topography of the area you live in. The size and performance of the TV ariels have to be more powerful enough to capture the desired signals, provided if in case you are putting up either in a place far away from the transmitting station or you are located in a dense vegetation or hilly area. Rest of the information you can check out from our antenna installation guide.

11. What should be the maximum distance between my TV Antenna and my TV/DVD?

Ideally speaking, there are maximum chances that your television signal gets lost through your coaxial cable in case of long distances. If the distance is greater than 15 to 20 meters, you should either go ahead with the installation of a television amplifier or make sure your TV aerial is powerful enough to make up for the loss.

12.What all I need to do to run multiple outlets in my house?

Contingent upon your signal strength and the number of outlets, you may not require any amplification. Generally speaking, in case there are already more than two outlets which are running in your house then you may require a signal booster of some description. Installation of splitters usually leads to loss of the transmitted signal. Therefore, always choose a signal amplifier exactly equal to the amount of signal loss in your system.

13. Will the installation of a signal amplifier fix up my poor picture at home?

Not necessarily. Usually, it will lead to the enhancement of the existing poor signals only. Suppose, if you have installed a splitter in the system that splits more than 2 ways, then there may not be enough of transmitted signal from the aerial that can actually shore up the multiple splits. You should try to consider either a higher gain aerial or a masthead amplifier along with quality accessories and quad-shield coaxial cable.

14. My TV antenna and cable are over 10 years old; is it possible that they will still work for Digital signal?

In case you are putting up in an area with high signal strength, then it might be possible that you television aerial as well as your cable works properly. Otherwise, they may not even work in case you are far away from the broadcasting station. Since, the older TV aerials were not intended in compliance with the digital frequencies. The cables made in earlier times may even allow the interference to easily penetrate, thereby further leading to digital break-up in the signal. Well, it would be best to consult a professional installer here for a digital health check up as you may either have to replace your aerial or even all of your system.

15. Is Antennas Installation Melbourne an endorsed installer?

Yes, we are endorsed TV antenna installersunder the Government’s scheme for both domestic and commercial antenna installations

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