Common Types of Antennas

An antenna in simplified terms means, “An electrical device which can transform an electric current into radio waves and vice versa. Generally, it is used along with a radio transmitter. A television aerial can be used for both in the transmission and reception of broadcasted signals. They are basically used in various types of systems for broadcasting signals, such as radios, television, two-way radio communications, radars, mobile phones, satellite communications and many more. But for all these devices different types of aerials are generally used.

Depending upon the ongoing applications and technology, digital aerial generally fall in one of two main categories:

Omni Directional Antennas: These types of aerials are the ones which can only receive or emanate more or less in all directions. Such type of aerial is generally installed only when the relative distance and position of broadcasting station is either not known or unpredictable. They are also employed at places with lower frequencies aerials are suppose to be used.

Directional Antennas: Such types of aerials are the ones which are designed to preferentially rotate and receive transmitted signals from a particular direction only.

You will find many variations in the aerials already available in the marketplace. Some of the different models of antennas are like horn antenna, parabolic antenna, patch antenna, random wire antenna, dipole antenna and many more. All you need to do is that you need to consult your service provider and get your aerial installed depending upon your desired specifications.




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