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All signal boosters or amplifiers are used to strengthen the relative signal strength, but most of them tend to create lot of noise. This noise introduction in between is a bad indication as whenever the noise effect will be strong it will create obstruction in the reception. And it will either lead to poor or no reception.

Antennas Installation Today supplies a wide range of powerful television antenna signal boosters which are designed keep in mind this noise related issue. These signal boosters can even surmount the signal loss incurred due to long cable runs, multiple splitters and junctions resulting in clean and clear RF signals.

We will recommend you to use the pre-amplifiers in case of outdoor installations or in case of cable runs over 100 ft. The distribution of signal booster should be done in a manner to make up for the signal loss that occurred due to splitting. But, in case you are putting up in an area which is quiet far away from the transmitting station, then always keep this thing in mind that same thing you need not do either to compensate for long cable runs or boost up your weak signal.

The application of television aerial booster is always done to increase the power of the TV aerial and to cut down the disruptions coming in between the signal. They are not meant to create signals, rather they are meant to enhance the signal strength to a greater extent.

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